We get to know Gabi as she plays football or hangs out with her best friend Henry. Already early on, Gabi’s thoughts about the stereotypical and binary gender roles are well-formulated and thought-out. When the family moves to Dalarna, Gabi’s life enters a bewildering period. She has a tough time making new friends and wants to go back to her friends in Stockholm. Director Engeli Broberg follows Gabi over five years, creating a tactful and up-close portrait that lets us take part in and discover Gabi’s world, genuinely and sincerely, and always portrayed from Gabi’s perspective.

Format 78min and 58min

Director Engeli Broberg

Producers Anna J Ljungmark and Jacob Eklund

Co-producers Kari Anne Moe and Gudmundur Gunnarsson

Language English/Swedish

Produced by House of reel (SWE) Fuglene(NO)

Supported by Fritt ord foundation and The Norwegian Film Institute.

Premiere 2021 CPH DOX Main Competition