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Jesper is nine years old. It’s morning and he’s waiting for his best friend to come by his apartment, so they can head to school together. But when the door-bell rings it’s a grown man who’s standing outside the door explaining that he has to talk with his mother. Something has happened to dad. Jesper thought to himself that his dad probably hurt his fingers because he was working with fire and other special-effects. Really cool and dangerous stuff. But that was not what really happened. His father was found dead after a fire. When Jesper grew up, he got to know the truth about his father’s passing: He had been drunk and fallen asleep. The fire was a consequence of his alcohol abuse.

A few weeks ago, coming home from a night out, I passed out on the sofa. I open my eyes and my roommate is leaning over me, shouting in an apartment full of smoke. The fire alarm saved us. He was furious, but I couldn’t remember that I had put a pizza in the oven after coming home.

Dear dad sheds light on different aspects of how a family reproduces their problems and how alcoholism is hard to acknowledge when you´re from the outside looks like a successful guy working in the movie-business.

Directed by Jesper Kolstad Rødseth


Produced by Kari Anne Moe & Gudmundur Gunnarsson/Fuglene (NO)


Supported by Fritt ord foundation, Viken Film Centre,

Arts Council Norway and The Norwegian Film Institute.


Nordisk Panorama, New Nordic Voices, 2020

Honorable mention Nordic Docs 2020

Official selection competition The Norwgian Documentary Film festival 2021

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